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For Photoshop CS2, CS3,CS4

How to Sharpen an image

Here I explain how I sharpen images

First of all I need to Thank " Rough-Legged Hawk Enthusiast " for allowing me to use his image of the hawk.

Ok here is how I went about sharpening the image.

First of all I created a layer copy (Ctrl    J ) then I used the sharpening filter smart sharpen (found under Filter | Sharpen  then select smart sharpen) Zero off the sliders and then bring them in to the desired result with most images the amount % will be somewhere between 100 and 175% with this image I set this value at 162%  now the Radius that is basically the reach of the sharpening in most cases you would not want to exceed 1 in this case I set it to 0.8 do not over do this slider. I also checked the more accurate box as well. When you are happy with the results click OK and you are all done.

The next step after you have completed all your edits is to resize the image for the web

Once you have resized your image we need to give it a final sharpen to compensate for the web. For this we use what is known as the Highpass  filter.

make a layer copy and then open the highpass filter.

This is found under  Filter | Other | Highpass  click this filter to open the highpass dialog box.

We will be using a very small amount you will need to use the smallest that will make an alteration the smallest amount that will do that is 0.3 pixels click ok you will see that your layer copy has turned grey.

That is normal now we need to blend that into the bottom layer start off with Linear light if that is to much move up the stack as far as Overlay in most cases Linear light will work out well. once you have blended the highpass layer you can flatten the image

and save it as a jpg for the web remember to save it with a color space of sRGB IEC6 1966.

Here is the final result