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How to re size an Image

Re sizing here I will attempt to explain how to re size an image for the web / email.  Yes I know that photoshop has a re size for web function the problem is when you use that function  one of 2 things are going to happen 1) you are going to loose all the exif Data that was attached to the image (this data carries with it the camera settings any copyrights that you have attached) That will happen now with problem 2) If you loose your attention with what you are doing you can very easy end up saving your file as a gif and if that happens your image is going to look awful as all gif files are are very limited in there colors.

ok having covered that here is a formula for working out the size of your image.  if you want a 5 X 7 inch print at 300dpi (dpi = dots per inch) your image will be  1500 pixels X 2100 pixels  that is 5 inches x 300 dpi = 1500 pixels  so that means the 7 inch side will be 7 x 300=2100 pixels.

Now people will tell you the web is only 72 dpi Well it used to be that way that was the size that monitors could deal with (back in the dark ages) not now most modern monitors are 117 or over  so the 72 is not as important as it used to be.

When you re size use the image size  dialog box at the bottom of that box is a drop down list set that at   Bicubic Sharper (Best for reduction)  just above that is 3 check boxes make sure there are checks in each one.

 If you want to alter the resolution (PPI / DPI) then remove the check from resample image change the dpi (it says pixels/inch  or pixels/cm) and then make your alteration from say 72 to 300  after you change that you replace the check back in the box.

the top figures are your dimensions you can change these simply by altering the dimensions that are in the box (Don't increase the size always resample down never up or you will degrade your image. Just above those dimensions there are the words pixel dimension and there will be some numbers followed by M (mega bytes) or K (kilobytes) when you re size that number must reduce don't let it get bigger.

When I re size for the web I make my longest side 700 pixels and because you have check marks in those 3 boxes the other side will change in direct proportion. When I save the image I try and keep it at 360 KB or lower quicker for uploading and for display and I save in jpg never bmp or gif you will get the save dialog box and it will give you the option of what compression for the jpg you want to use it is a slider goes from 0 to 12 12 being best quality if your image is 360kb or under leave it at 12 if it is more than 360 then reduce the quality until it is 360 kb or less.