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A little about me

  Update I returned to New Zealand on

27th Feb 2010. 

I Have been living in the US since 1999. I left behind my family in New Zealand to take on employment in Canada That was a joke there was no employment at all. I worked for a short time in Victoria BC Canada selling Computers, but alas that company went Belly Up and I ended up with no last paycheck from them as they where even more broke than I was, and I have to tell you that is very broke indeed.

I moved to the US in 1999, to the State of Connecticut in New England, it took me a couple of years to adapt to the New England climate as this kiwi boy grew up on a dairy farm in the heart of the Waikato (a place called Te Poi) where we had summers at Christmas time and a really hot day was in the 70's the Winters well we got frosts but no snow, but here there is really hot summers and below freezing at times in winter with snow on the ground. A new task for me Dig ourselves out after a snow storm.

Before leaving for Canada back in 1998 I was doing studies on Computer Technologies with Programming and how they worked. Since being in CT I have concentrated mainly on building and making repairs with computers. I have only written one program in VB which I will add a download link for those who wish to have it. It is designed to tell you your hard drive information that if you wanted to get you would of had to write it down before installing or if you wanted it later you would have to take the hard drive out of you computer to read the info from the label it will give you the Serial number, Model, Revision number, Buffer size, cylinders, heads and the sectors. If you would like a copy of my Hard drive info please email me and I will send a copy to your EMAIL for windows OS only.